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ZnO бел прав

Суровините на многу дневни потреби вклучуваат бел прашок ZnO. Може да се види дека е широко користен. Всушност, не само што се додава на некои вообичаени ставки во животот, туку и кои апликативни индустрии ќе го користат:

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ZnO бел прав

The raw materials of many daily necessities include ZnO бел прав. It can be seen that it is widely used. In fact, it is not only added to some common items in life, but which application industries will use it:

1. ZnO бел прав in Metal industry: Zinc phosphate made by reaction with phosphoric acid, used for anticorrosion and rust prevention of metal surface.

2ZnO бел прав in Rubber industry: Zinc oxide powder is a vulcanization accelerator and a good reinforcing agent for synthetic rubber, with coloring effect and good pigment performance.

3. ZnO бел прав in Glass industry: Adding it to glass can increase transparency, brightness and resistance to tensile deformation, reduce thermal expansion coefficient, and obtain new functions in electrical glass, optical glass and low-melting glass.

4. ZnO бел прав in Ceramic industry: It is widely used in translucent glaze for tile glaze and stoneware and transparent rough glaze for craft tableware.

5. ZnO бел прав in Chemical industry: Zinc oxide powder is an indispensable compound additive for lubricating oil, and it has the function of anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and anti-wear multi-effect additives.

6. ZnO бел прав in Electronic industry: Ferrite, a magnetic material mainly used to manufacture electronic structural components, is used in televisions, electrical communication devices, and varistors.

7. ZnO бел прав in Plastic industry: Used as a UV stabilizer, which can improve the atmospheric resistance of polyethylene. The zinc resin prepared by the reaction of resin acid and zinc oxide can be used to produce quick-drying oil.

The wide application of ZnO бел прав in various industries shows that it is a more suitable ideal raw material to improve the performance of certain products and enhance its advantages.

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